Meet Darcy Boyd

18 JAN 2024

Darcy has always had a deep love for golf, for him golf is more than a hobby, it’s a passion. He has been competing and honing his skills since he was 10 years old, his dream is to compete on the PGA tour.


When I started my university studies, it became clear to me that I wanted to see just how good I could be at golf. I also wanted to give back to the game that has given me so much. So, I completed a traineeship in high-performance coaching and focused on improving my game.

However, the very things that attracted Darcy to golf in the first place; the strategic thinking, stamina and persistence required to be the best, are also proving challenging since his diagnosis.

In May 2022 Darcy started experiencing optic neuritis and lost his vision partially in his right eye, it was a very scary time for Darcy and his family and the doctors did not know what was happening.

After undergoing several tests and an MRI, Darcy got diagnosed with MS at the age of 23.


It was quite unexpected and definitely brought a halt to my beloved career and passion for golf. Losing my vision temporarily really shook things up for me.

While his vision has mostly returned, it is not quite at the level it was before his diagnosis, depts perception is crucial in golf and he had to make some adjustments to his playing style to accommodate his vision but one of the biggest challenges that Darcy has is his struggle with fatigue and heat sensitivity.


Golf is typically played in the summer, and with my condition, the heat can really take a toll on me. It affects my mental processing and can make me feel flustered under pressure to keep up with the pace of play.

After Darcy’s MS diagnosis his mom found MS Plus and encouraged him to apply for a Go for Gold scholarship, his dream is to become the best golfer he can possibly be and in 2023 he was awarded with an MS Go for Gold scholarship.


I truly believe that achieving this dream would not only be amazing for me but also help showcase that MS can be managed and that anyone can achieve their dreams, despite the challenges it may bring.

Darcy will use his Go for Gold scholarship to purchase a motorized buggy, with this buggy he will be able to play without using a caddy, this buggy will also help him to keep up to speed with the other players.


The scholarship will greatly support my continued participation in competitive play, allowing me to gain valuable insights into tournament conditions. This experience will undoubtedly enhance my coaching abilities, enabling me to better guide and mentor aspiring athletes.

Now Darcy aspires to venture into the ordinary golfing tour in order to validate to both himself and others that the obstacles posed by MS can be overcome, rather than serving as a hindrance, and he wants to inspire others along the way.


A massive thank you to all the MS Mega Challenge fundraisers and participants, all the love and effort that you put into this event is impressive. I feel really grateful to be an MS Go for Gold recipient and I'll try and do my part to grow the MS awareness and hopefully more people can receive a Go for Gold scholarship in the future..

Thank you superstar for supporting people like Darcy to achieve their dreams through the MS Go for Gold Scholarships.

Whether it's being able to attend an exercise program, purchase equipment, undertake a course or travel, the scholarships are awarded to people with multiple sclerosis with a wide range of goals and dreams.

Your fundraising will change the lives of many people living with multiple sclerosis.