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Go For Gold Scholarships

Your valuable fundraising efforts contribute to the MS Go for Gold Scholarship Program.

MS Go for Gold Scholarships are awarded to people living with multiple sclerosis, who wish to follow a dream. Focusing on achieving a dream is a great way to build a stronger sense of wellness, have a break from focusing on multiple sclerosis, and a fantastic opportunity to inspire others at the same time! For all participants, the scholarships provide the opportunity to significantly change lives.

The MS 24 Hour Mega Challenge has supported over 900 Go for Gold Scholarship recipients across Australia in fulfilling a dream.

Scholarships are presented in the following categories:

  • Personal Experience
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Living Well

Whether it's being able to attend an exercise program, purchase equipment, undertake a course or travel, the scholarships are awarded to people with multiple sclerosis with a wide range of goals and dreams.

Your fundraising has changed the lives of many people living with multiple sclerosis. Enjoy some feel good stories you have helped become a reality.




Melanie is an artist. Her long held desire for art and creative practice led her to travel abroad, study Fine Art Painting at RMIT in Melbourne and exhibit regularly. She’s worked for over a decade in commercial galleries. 

After the relapse that led to her MS diagnosis, Melanie had to rebuild the strength and dexterity in her right hand to enable her to continue to paint. Melanie’s MS symptoms had a devastating impact on her quality of life as she had to manage weakness, pain, tingling, painful scalp sensitivity and brain spasms.  

“I went from being completely fine to having painful brain spasms, tingling and loss of strength in my right leg and complete loss of dexterity and strength in my right arm.” 

For Melanie, MS stopped everything.