Annalise Tran

2022 Sydney MS Mega Swim


I'm joining the MS mega swim this year, not just to get back in the pool and spend some time with good friends but also to raise money for those impacted by multiple sclerosis (MS).

Throughout my life I have been blessed to enjoy being able to swim, teach, learn, drive, run, travel, read and many more things without significant hindrance whether physical, mental or economical. For someone living with MS and their friends, family and colleagues, these simple things are made more difficult as they deal with the symptoms both invisible and visible. I am raising money to help things I often take for granted more accessible for those living with MS.

1 in 3 Australians will be directly impacted through a diagnosed family member of colleague and every week more than 10 Australians are diagnosed with MS with the average age of diagnosis being just 30 years old. The money you donate will be put towards various MS support services including education sessions for patients and doctors, peer support, carer support, wellness workshops, nurse advisors and MS go for Gold scholarships which are given to help people living with MS achieve a dream, big or small!

Thank you for your support!

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Bang Tran

Great cause. Keep paddling.


Lachlan Vos

400m butterfly!! … or 50m of corkscrew stroke, up to you ;)


Mandy Curley

Go Annalise! Can I request a 400 IM? You know you want to :)


Kim Sa Tran

Good luck! Love, Ba Noi


Lydia Xu


Annalise Tran


Jess Layton

Hey little fish, keep up the good swimming, it’s awesome to see you supporting such a worthy cause! xoxo


Lily Cheng



Sarah Barnett

Go Annalise! A worthy cause.


Kiara Van Ede

GO ANNALISE! 100 breaststroke :)


Isabelle Tran

5km goal to make up for the open water race you never did?


Cat Wang

400m butterfly or 30 second synchronised swim Kidding xxxx I’ll add a 50m corkscrew too



SWIM QUEEN LETS GOOOOOO are u allowed to do 50m doggy paddle 😀😀😀😀😀😀




Winnie Zhang

You’re amazing Annalise!!


Meika K

go annalise !!!!

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