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2021 Fitzroy MS Mega Swim

Another MS swim over...

Well, that's the MS MegaSwim for another year.

I swam 9.2 kms, in four sets (1.5km at 7PM, 2km at 11PM Friday night, 3.5 at 12AM and 2.2 at 5PM Saturday). It would have been nice to reach 10km, but 9.2kms was a record for me (I think I swam just over 7km last year). I must admit, I was glad to get out of the pool after my 3.5 km swim very early Saturday morning (thank you, Baitong for taking over), but I recovered pretty well for my swim that afternoon.

Team Bob, the team I swim with, swam a total of 48KM in the 24 hour period, and we had a swimmer in the water at all times. And as always, the atmosphere at the event was a supportive and celebratory one (even more so, after the lockdowns of the past 12 months). 

Thanks to your generous support, I raised $2211 for MS (after initially setting my goal at $1000) and Team Bob raised $6390, which was a sensational effort. So, thanks again for your words of encouragement and generous support of this fundraising event. Every donation, large or small, will be used to fund the MS GO for Gold Scholarships, Financial Assistance Programs and to provide services to people living with MS.

My friends, Karen and Sara, who are my inspiration for swimming in the event, were again overwhelmed by the support I received from you all. Best wishes for 2021, Peter

Swim day

Well, swim day is finally here. My first swim is at 7pm, filling in for someone, then home for dinner and back for another, longer swim a bit later.  Sadly, my training this week has been pretty lacklustre. I’ve only had one swim, albeit a very pleasant one at Richmond  Pool, so I guess I am well rested for the next 24 hours. Thanks to the generosity of you all, I am currently the fourth highest individual fundraiser. First, second and third are quite a bit ahead, and the fifth highest individual fundraiser is just $33 behind, so who knows where I will end up. But at the end of the day, that’s not important. I have well and truly exceeded my original goal of $1000 and all $1,750 pledged help fund the MS Go For Gold Scholarship Program, enabling people living with MS to follow a dream. Thanks again. 

One week to go...

This time next week I will be recovering from ‘The Swim’. I think the early morning sessions with the squad are paying off,  so feeling relatively strong in the water. Will swim late Friday night and very early Saturday morning, and again Saturday afternoon. If you are near the Fitzroy pool between 6pm Friday and 6pm Saturday, drop in, it’s a great atmosphere. I decided to raise my fundraising goal to $1500, in the hope of getting a few more donations in this final week. Thanks again to all who have generously donated. Cheers, Peter 

Back in lockdown

Well, Melbourne is back in lockdown, but hopefully only for a few days. Still, I am conscious of how hard it is for small businesses. And I was going to complain about not being able to have a swim. Take care everyone. Look after those you love and those you don’t even know! 

Thank you

A huge THANK YOU to each of my donors. Your generosity enabled me to reach my target of $1000 in just 4 days! Woo hoo. Who knows, the amount raised may grow further in the coming weeks.

I’m in training...

I’ve joined a swim squad! Never thought I would but with the encouragement of a friend,  Lawrence, I thought I would give it a go. Despite the 5.30 wake up two times a week (will I ever get used to it??), I’m enjoying it. But I now realised how bad I am at any stroke other than freestyle. And as for kicking ...meh! In other swimming news, I’m also teaching myself to tumble turn. I’ve been watching You Tube for tips, then going to the pool to practice. I’m yet to incorporate it into my lap swimming but slowly building confidence! Many thanks for the terrific response to my fundraising efforts so far. Always humbled by the generosity of family,  friends, colleagues and friends of friends. Px


I have decided to again participate in the MS Mega Challenge (formally known as the MS 24 Hour Swim) on Friday 26th February to help raise money for people affected by MS. 

This is a fundraiser that I have supported for the past two years, and prior to that I did a couple of MS Melbourne Cycle 50km rides. I realised riding was not my thing when I wanted to throw my bike into the bay at about the 32km mark, and catch a bus home.

Why am I taking part in the MS Mega Challenge?

Two beautiful friends of mine, Karen and Sara, live with MS. Their positive attitude, generous spirit, intelligence, humour and kindness enriches my life and the life of their family and many friends. And, having fundraised for MS over a number of years now, I have learned that many of us know people who live with MS too. So, we're all touched by MS.

To show my appreciation, love and support for Karen and Sara, and others affected by MS, the least I can do is don my speedos, swim cap and goggles and toss my middle age body into the pool to swim my little heart out. I LOVE being in water, so it’s not too big an ask.

The very generous support of family, friends, colleagues and friends of friends has enabled me to exceed my fundraising goals in past years. In light of the challenges we have all faced in the past 12 months, I have set a smaller target for this year, to raise just $1000 for MS. There are so many worthy causes, so I understand that many people are already committed, but If you are in a position to donate, I would be most appreciative.

Have a wonderful 2021.



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Judy Horacek

Swim well little brother! xx


Sara Mahdavian

You are an inspiration!!


Ivan Horacek

Enjoy the swim


Tricia Sievers

Always pleased to support your efforts Peter - you're amazing!


The Williamstown Mussels Crew

Three cheers for our Mussels champ!


Francis, Michelle And Alex

Go on ya Petes....


John Horacek

Ahoj a Slava


Christopher Branagan




Hi Peter, I somehow missed/forgot to donate earlier but it’s never too late. Well done on the 9.2km swim! Cheers Josie


Russell Lim

Great work Peter :)


Peter Horacek


Margaret Crowhurst

Thanks for swimming! Have to beat this MS!


Michelle Foran

i admire you greatly for doing this Peter - you are so incredibly thoughtful and Sara and Karen are very lucky to have you as a friend xx


Melissa Smith

Good on you Peter! Wishing you all the best.


Amanda Bacon

So proud of you for doing this again. Xx


Carol Tamburro


Kane Hullin

Great cause for some great people. Well done Peter


Jan Saric



Jess Drew

Great cause Peter! Good luck with the big swim.


Annette Woodward

Dear Peter, You are an inspiration and I would love to help you in this very worthwhile cause. Have fun, LOL Annette xxx


Karen Lockett

Go Pete! Good luck xxx


Erin Martinus

Sorry this donation is late, hope you smashed the swim and that you are recovering well. Amazing work as always Peter! You legend!


Matt Corbett

Best wishes, Peter A wonderful cause.



You're a super star Peter! An incredible and always dedicated friend!


Sandy Makin

Good work Peter, thank you!


Lorraine Dole

Thanks for swimming on our behalf, I wouldn't even make it to the end of the pool!


Anne Ford

You're a star xxxx


Emily Mellington

Happy swimming, Peter!


Trish Shibaoka

Good on you Peter - I feel you are also helping my dearest friend Vicki


Susan Agar

Go Peter!


Mr Kevin Noonan

Terrific effort, Pete. We too have a friend with MS. We will all be cheering you on.


Sharon Meehan

Dear Peter, we are all inspired by your efforts, passion and determination.



Great work Peter!


Louise Mcmahon

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