Ideas & Inspiration 

The MS Mega Challenge is a Fundraising event, raising money to support people living with MS. All your fundraising efforts, however large or small, are appreciated!

To get you started, here are some ideas and tips to help inspire you reach your fundraising goal.

How to Fundraise in 1 minute 40 seconds

Watch this short video for some top tips!

Top 10 Fundraising Tips

Get inspired with our 10 favourite fundraising ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

Also check out your Online Fundraising Portal,we have set up email templates and much more there for you to make it super easy to ask your mates for a donation.

1. BBQ

Who doesn’t love a sausage sizzle? Many local businesses will allow charity groups to hold a sausage sizzle outside their stores. Or get your local sports team involved and see if you can take over their BBQ for the day! Remember to approach your local stores for donations of sausages and bread.

2. Trivia night

Every pub or venue has a quiet night. Try approaching your local and see if they will get behind you. Most will be able to offer you an area or a room. A great idea is to offer clues in return for extra donations or hold a raffle during the break on the night.

3. Morning or afternoon tea

Whether it is in the office, at home or in a park, this is a nice and easy way to get your friends together and raise some money. Get all of your friends to bring a dish, or get baking yourself and ask for a donation for attendance. A few fun fundraising games are a nice and easy way to bring in some extra support.

4. Dinner party

Approach a restaurant and let them know what you are doing. Find out if they have any special deals if you can guarantee people on seats! Set the amount for dinner and any difference becomes easy fundraising dollars!

5. Auction off your team name

For those completing their challenge in a team, why not auction off the team name - highest bidder wins! This can be done in conjunction with a fundraising event or over a certain period of time. Whoever gives the highest single donation amount gets to pick your team name.

6. Sponsorship

The gear you train in could be your fundraising best friend! Why not ask a company to sponsor you and in return you will add their logo to your outfit with pride? Think of all the training sessions, photos, or the challenge itself – so much publicity.

7. Clothing challenge

Who doesn’t like forcing their mates to look a little bit ridiculous? Why not put it to your friends that you will wear something a little crazy (and safe of course) during your training sessions or on event day, if you reach a certain amount of fundraising?

8. Baking

Everyone’s heart can be reached through their stomach, right? For an easy way to increase your donations, why not offer to bake, cook or make something for every supporter who donates over a certain amount? Set your sights high and see what a sweet tooth will make people do!

9. After work drinks

Get a little bit social with your fundraising. Most workplaces have after work drinks every few weeks. Ask your work if they would support you by asking for a donation for entry and letting you run quick, easy games on the night that require a donation for participation.

10. Holding a stall

It doesn’t matter if you are a baking whizz, a crafty genius or very good at asking people to support you – this one is for you. Do some research into local markets, find your product and sell! Remember to have a donation box on the counter – although not everyone will want to buy your products, still give them the opportunity to support you!

If you need advice or assistance to reach your fundraising goals, contact us on 1300 733 690 or email Our fundraising team is always here to help.