We know everything is always better with your mates by your side – so why not turn your squad into a team? 

Top 5 reasons why joining forces with your mates at the MS Mega Challenge beats doing it solo: 

  1. You are guaranteed to have a better time. It’s pretty simple, right? You’ve got your fave people around you, it’s the weekend, you’re getting your happy endorphins pumping and you’re doing something for a VERY good cause…together!!
  2. Your Insta photos from the day will immediately be more popular (and better). We know a good group pic beats a solo selfie any day?? 
  3. You can train together! You can do a few practice sessions in a group and leave Spotify at home. Let your iPhone take the day off, and use this as a good excuse to hang out and be productive. 
  4. You know what they say…teams who train together, fundraise together! It is definitely easier, and more fun to fundraise in a team. You have more connections, more people to brainstorm with, and way more fun.
  5. THE MEMORIES!! You’re creating one of those awesome days that you can look back on and smile – with your mates!

Ok, so now that we’ve spelled it out – create a team or join an existing team here!