Team Payment Codes, are codes set up for teams to be invoiced for registration fees and merchandise (optional), instead of paying for each one individually.

Teams can request to pay for their registration fees all at once by requesting a Team Payment Code. This code enables team members to register without paying the registration fee and the organisation or an individual to pay for their team’s registration fees once all team members have registered.

Issuing of invoices is going to be done approximately 6 weeks pre-event and 1 week post event however this can be subject to changed based on the event and request from participants. Payment terms for all team payments will be 14 days.






Blayney MS Mega Swim
Canberra MS Mega Swim
Casey MS Mega Swim
Fitzroy MS Mega Swim
Frankston MS Mega Swim
Launceston MS Mega Swim
Melbourne MS Mega Badminton
Melbourne MS Mega Squash & Racquetball
Mildura MS Mega Swim
Monash MS Mega Swim
North Melbourne MS Mega Swim
Sydney MS Mega Swim
Wodonga MS Mega Squash & Racquetball
Wollongong MS Mega Swim
I acknowledge that I am authorised to submit this request on behalf of the business/organisation listed above. I agree to receive an invoice for registration fees and/or merchandise, approximately 6 weeks’ pre-event and arrange for payment to be made within 14 days from date of invoice. I understand that no Team Payments can or will be accepted on the day of an event. I acknowledge that all standard event Terms and Conditions apply and therefore all registration fees are non-refundable or transferable once someone registers.