$25 - InTouch Magazine


Could provide a person with MS Intouch magazine for a year, a lifeline to the MS community

$50 - MS Nurse


Could help pay for an MS Nurse to support a person living with MS and their family through the crisis of worsening MS

$150 - Live Chat


Could pay for our live chat for a day, to make sure there is a supportive person ready to answer questions for a person living with MS in their time of need

$1,000 - Podcast


Could enable us to develop some educational podcasts for people who are navigating a recent MS diagnosis

$1,000 - Specialist Support


Could provide a specialist team member to help a person living with MS navigate access to the NDIS and coordinate other services they need for their wellbeing

$2,000 - MS Go For Gold Scholarship


Could pay for an MS Go For Gold Scholarship so that someone living with multiple sclerosis can follow a personal dream.