26 FEBRUARY 2021

Meet Dale and his son Jai, from the Willy Water Babes.

Dale has been participating in the Fitzroy MS Mega Swim for seven years with Jai, 15 years old.

Dale’s really enjoying watching Jai’s swimming improve over the years that he’s taken part in the MS Mega Challenge. He grows stronger each year and it's something they look forward to doing together. Now Dale’s middle son, Kaden, 12 years old, is showing some interest. And Jack, 2 years old, has all of this excitement ahead of him!

“I enjoy swimming for exercise and when asked to be part of the team led by Ces Power I jumped at the chance. Then having my boys visit the event the first few years, Jai wanted to be part of the event and sleepover!” says Dale. 

“Each year now we look forward to the event, the challenge we set ourselves and the team banter.”

The family’s favourite part of the MS Mega Challenge is swimming at night, doing the graveyard shift – it’s fun and something different. Plus, they do enjoy some hard-earned sugar highs from all the snacks…

Dale says, “Another favourite is the BBQ chiefs! In particular Paul Colvin: he cooks a great sausage!”

The MS Mega Challenge has a great atmosphere and Dale and Jai enjoy the amazing feeling knowing they made a difference each year for people living with multiple sclerosis.

“It’s a great feeling at the end to add up what distance we achieved Jai and I, as a team and individually. I love telling family and friends about our achievements.”

“Each year I participate with teammate Shane Milverton. His unique ability to talk underwater amazes me, it definitely gets us through the graveyard shift from midnight to 5am!”

“We also recruit new members each year via our work network and it’s great to see newbies swimming beyond their own expectation!”