27 FEBRUARY 2021

The sun shines when you least expect it - but it does shine.

When I was diagnosed with MS 30 years ago, it was like being hit by a black cloud.

Since then, I’ve been enjoying time with family and friends, eating well, and keeping fit. Unfortunately, walking has become more difficult in the last few years and I now rely heavily on a walking stick to help me get around when out of my home.

In 2019, I was a lucky recipient of a MS Go for Gold grant and purchased an electric tricycle with the funds. It has seriously changed my life in such a positive way. This electric tricycle has given me the ability to get out and about on all of the cycleways in my area - like I used to be able to only a few years ago. I feel like a bird with wings again when cruising about on my new wheels. Even my beautiful dog gets to come out for a walk and I’m sure you know how much dogs like going for walks.

I want to sincerely thank all the people who contributed their time and effort to earn the funds to allow this to happen and MSL for considering me worthy of the grant. If I’ve missed anyone, I sincerely thank you too.

Thank you for this beautiful gift and for changing my life.