01 MARCH 2021

Meet your competition. He's an awesome MS Mega Squash & Racquetball participant and the top Melbourne fundraiser.

Jay has been involved in the event since 2016 and has personally raised $7,860! He is planning a MEGA year in 2021 and joins us with his team Mount District Vintage Squash for the 10th year celebrations.

Jay was motivated to take part in the MS Mega Challenge in honour of his aunty, Jenni, who lived with MS and has since passed away.

Jay keeps taking part for the fun of the game and to raise awareness about MS in the local community.

Jay says, “The MS Mega Challenge gives MS better recognition through the Squash sporting community. It will be good this year, being at Westerfolds Sport Centre in Templestowe it will reach a more local community than it would at MSAC. I think a lot more locals will be interested, which will help spread the word a bit more.”

Jay loves the atmosphere too.

“It's fantastic, everyone is beaming. Because it is not super competitive, it’s more fun meaning everyone is in a better mindset, happy and smiling. The best part – I could not say, the whole event is great."

When it comes to fundraising, Jay's among the best. He asks friends for support in person and via text message. Jay's wife also helps spread the word on social media.

"I’m really good at picking people up by their feet and fetching out the spare change they have."

See how Jay sets himself up for success at the MS Mega Challenge...

How do you conserve energy when playing multiple matches?

Hit the ball away from your opponent. *dry laugh*

Best pre-tournament meal?

Big breakfast – bacon, eggs, the lot.

What are your tried and true must-have items at the MS Mega Squash & Racquetball?

Hydrolytes, magnesium, and my wife always bakes some cookies for the team, to give us a little sugar hit.

And, while Jay hopes to hold on to his title of Top Individual Fundraiser... the title (and the glory) could be yours

We always love to see friendly fundraising competition!