27 FEBRUARY 2021

“You are giving people with MS a very special gift” – Kate

When you take part in a MS Mega Swim, Badminton or Squash & Racquetball event you’ll be participating to help people with MS live the lives they want. People like Kate.

Kate was just 25 when she started experiencing her first MS symptoms. She’s been in and out of hospital, and battles chronic fatigue, pain and numbness every day. But she’s determined not to let MS hold her back.

And in 2017 – thanks to wonderful people like you – Kate was awarded one of our Go for Gold Scholarships to become a certified Yoga Teacher.

These scholarships are funded by money raised from our MS Mega Swim, Badminton and Squash & Racquetball events. As Kate told me:

“The scholarship will change my life. When I accepted it, I was overcome with emotion looking out at the people who’d participated in the MS Mega Swim, Badminton and Squash & Racquetball events to help make my dream come true.”