01 MARCH 2021

Milton is a passionate creative artist living in the Illawarra Region.

Milton recognises his first multiple sclerosis symptoms started in 2018. As a sufferer of cluster headaches, an MRI several years earlier demonstrated MS but was not correctly identified and diagnosed.?

Multiple sclerosis for Milton means that he can experience fatigue, which is exacerbated with heavy camera equipment.

Milton's dream is to re-enter a career dedicated to photography through the purchase of better-suited equipment, especially lighter equipment that can be handled in many ways to accommodate his MS.

“My current photography equipment is about 12 years old. The weight and the way it needs to be handled isn’t suitable with my MS,” Milton says.

“The MS Go for Gold scholarship has not only enabled me to replace my camera with a lighter and more manageable one but with these features has given me the confidence to shoot again.”

Photography is not only a career for Milton but a creative way to express himself, which he acknowledges is very important for his mental health.

“Knowing that I can feel confident shooting in all situations, even with my MS symptoms.”?

When Milton was in his late teens, he was living in the picturesque Rocky Mountains of Canada playing professional ice hockey?and studying.

It was when I was playing sport that I found my passion for photography. I since became involved in the advertising industry back in the UK and always found my creative background a good balance for the pronounced highs and lows of advertising.?"?

“Being creative is what brings me the most joy, and capturing images is such a passion that when in the act, I am able to forget about my illness and all the ways in which it has impacted my life.”