26 FEBRUARY 2021

Peter Hart and the Hart Accounting team have proven that personal and professional networks go a long way when it comes to fundraising success.

The team raised nearly $12,000 for MS as part of the Wodonga MS Mega Squash & Racquetball event over the past three years; increasing their funding every year and becoming the highest fundraising team in 2018, raising more than $5,200!

“The whole team really enjoyed the experience. It was a great opportunity to get to know everyone better and as we all had that wonderful feeling of contributing to such a worthy cause, the end result was a bonding experience for all concerned” he says.

Peter was personally generous with his self-donations and used his business to ask his clients for donations where possible.

He says “I was really happy with the fundraising effort we managed, and it exceeded my expectations, thanks to many generous people, the format of the event and the resources provided by MS Mega Squash & Racquetball Team.

All in all, it was a tremendous experience and one I hope to repeat for many years to come.”