Steph Harder

2024 Mildura MS Mega Swim


I am excited to participate in Mildura's MS Mega Swim challenge in January 2024. 

It's been over ten years since I participated in the MS Mega Swim but this time it's different, I am participating as a swimmer with MS. 

I was diagnosed with MS in 2019. Out of all places I was diagnosed in Nepal after a trek in the Annapurna mountains. I experienced facial muscle paralysis (facial drooping). A wonderful Nepali doctor was quick to recognise that my symptoms differed ever so slightly to bell's palsy and he sent me off immediately to get a MRI scan of my brain. The images showed a number of small light patches, lesions, and one gigantic one and before I knew it an IV needle (a now long-time acquaintance) was inserted and I was commencing my five-day steroid treatment to decrease the swelling around the lesion. 

Fast track to four years later, I moved regionally to Horsham, I visit the Wimmera Cancer Centre once a month for my Tysabri infusion (the staff there are absolute gems) and I joined a local lead lighting workshop which introduced creativity into my life and a magnificent way to monitor my stress and avoid flare-ups. My husband and I are relocating to Mildura next year and this is a wonderful way to meet people in the community.

I'm doing the MS Mega Swim as a challenge to myself, a way to connect to others living with MS, raise awareness of the disease and early warning signs as well as to the caregivers / partners / family / friends who are ever so patient, supportive and loving.

I know how scary and confusing a new diagnosis can be but it can also bring a huge sense of relief. There is so much support and information available that can empower you to make informed decisions in managing your health and avoiding your MS triggers. Without MS Australia my MS journey would be very different, lonely and overwhelming.

Thank you for your support. It does mean a lot.

Steph xx

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Best of luck Steph


Alex & Jodie

All the best! You are one amazing person!!



Love you hun


Loretta Jane

Bloody legend effort. x


Irena &graeme


Sue Hodges

Great work, Steph! Xx


Fontaine, Michael, And Mabel

Swim swiftly Stephanie! Well done and great work kicking MS in the nuts. Love from Fontaine, Michael, and Mabel


Prabath Jayasekara

Goo Gurrrl 😍


Stephanie Harder


Emma Farmakis

Just keep swimming!


Tess Pickering



Rachel Dapiran

Good luck with the Mega Swim and everything’ else!


Kara Mahoney

Great work Steph!


Prabath Jayasekara

Better start training :-P Proud of you!


Kirsten Miller


Mandi Stewart


Andrea Coxon

You got this Steph! So many people are with you all the way, every day, all the time.


Ruth Redden



Jack Kelky


Steve Dunn

Great effort Steph , good luck!


Stevie Meyer

Good luck Steph!


Vicki And Dave

Fantastic Steph


Sarah Chan

What a champ!


Pam Buena

You amazing human! You're gonna smash it, Steph!


Chris Harder


Ryan Ellis


Steph Harder


Louise F


Fiona Mcdougall

Good luck Steph!


Felicity Watson

Go Steph! 💪

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