26 FEBRUARY 2021

Krystal was diagnosed with MS in September 2019. For Krystal, multiple sclerosis causes problems with balance and brain fog.

"I sometimes struggle to find the words I want, it’s like missing a sharpness that you’re used to having. It can be frustrating at times, " says Krystal.

"When I look back, I'd had episodes before that I put down to my busy lifestyle. I'd excuse tiredness with busyness, or the wet sensation I get down my arms I'd say was due to a massage that pinched a nerve. There was always a reason. Now, in hindsight, I see flickers of MS."

Newly diagnosed, Krystal heard about the Melbourne MS Mega Badminton. It was perfect timing.

"It was a nice way to focus my energies positively. I love badminton. It's been part of my life for so long and MS is a new part of my life... it was like connecting the two dots."

The MS Mega Challenge makes vital support and services possible that help people with multiple sclerosis no matter the stage of their journey.

Thanks to people like YOU, raising funds at the MS Mega Challenge, MS Connect – our free helpline – was there to help Krystal.

"It can be quite isolating, especially when you're first diagnosed. The support that’s there from MS Connect, made me feel less alone. And knowing that it's there whenever I need it is comforting."

Krystal says that you might have 100 simple questions, that one by one may seem small... but as a collective, it can feel overwhelming.

"To speak to someone at MS Connect and get reliable accurate information, that’s specific to my situation – it means a lot to me."

MEGA passionate about Badminton, Krystal has over 20 years experience! 

She loves that it can be competitive but mostly enjoys the fun of it all, chatting before and after the games.

"We play socially as well as for the enjoyment of the game. It will be interesting to see how the MS Mega Challenge goes. It's an interesting and exciting spin I haven’t seen before!"

And, while Krystal and the BSB Team are top contenders for the title of 2021 Top Fundraising Team... It could still be yours!